Soccer scholarships:

It continues your athletic development process towards professional sports.
Set your soccer career in motion by studying through Collegiate Athletics in America.

Join an international network of student coaches and other disciplines that provides you with maximum support.

Train and compete in high-end facilities.

Talent, performance and performance are assessed to secure a football scholarship in relation to your character and educational background.

Start the recruiting process now to secure their roster spot and receive an athletic scholarship offer from the coach.

Soccer scholarships are available for both men and women at the NCAA Division I and Division II levels, as well as NAIA institutions.
Most universities in the USA offer women’s soccer, while the Male counterparts do not have as many but there are enough that you will have a very good choice.

Universities with soccer teams = 1381
MEN: 595
WOMEN: 786

Full Scholarships per team:
MEN: 10