Our Goal

  • The aim of Global Sports Division is the correct and timely counseling of such students through a successful procedure providing “Athletic” Scholarships to students who are also athletes in the Universities of America and the UK that offer Athletics related Scholarships. Our services cater to aspiring student athletes wanting to  Combine Athletics and Academics together.
  • Global Sports Division was developed in 2018 with the aim of helping talented male and female athletes with their placement at American and UK colleges and universities. However, what differentiates us from any other service provider in the world is that we exclusively only offer 50 sport-specific places on our recruitment programme each year. This personal approach ensures that every single athlete receives the necessary time and attention needed to help guide them through the process, but also gives them the best possible chance of securing the optimal financial package for their academic and athletic capabilities.
  • Global Sports Division now operates across the world, with international partners and affiliates and our Development Squad located in Nicosia, Cyprus. Our success and organic growth is a direct result of our unrivalled player service – providing the personalised expert support and aftercase we ourselves would have wanted when we went through the process of finding a sports scholarship in America and the UK.
  • Every student is offered our undivided support and attention with a tailor-made approach at every stage of the process; this will ensure you are getting the best possible chance for the opportunity of a lifetime.