Sports Scholarships in the USA and Europe

We offer student athletes the chance to combine their Athletic and Academic pathways on a sports scholarship. Athletes can continue their educational pathways without sacrificing their sporting development. We provide real time support and guidance throughout the search, selection, admissions, and scholarship process for more than 30 different sports.

Education, Career guidance and Counselling

Here at Global Sports Division we offer career guidance and counseling. We provide practice SAT examinations in preparation for your exams and Career Gate Test which is a unique test with International recognition for students to choose the right course of preferred study.

Preparatory School Placement in the USA and UK for Footballers

(Age’s 10-19 years old) We offer student athletes early access to the American and British education system of private schooling while also playing competitive football at elite Academy level.

Global Sports Showcase Trials Cyprus

(Age’s 15-19 years old) We offer pre-evaluation trials in Cyprus for Football and Basketball student athletes who are looking to go through our processes here at Global for Sports Scholarships and Bursaries. The Trials will also be video recorded for the purpose of video footage for student athletes who are in need of footage due to lack of playing time participating at a club.

Residential Football Academy Programs in Europe

(Age’s 16-23 years old) We offer student athletes the chance to continue their educational pathways on a fully accredited US and UK curriculum without sacrificing their football development being placed into our elite level Academy programs based in Spain, Italy, Portugal and England. Where student athletes are provided with an intensive training program with top level European coaches and competition at a state of the art facility where they would be living all year round.

Football Camps and Training in the USA and Europe

We offer football and basketball camps and short-term training in Cyprus, Spain, Italy, Portugal, England and the USA from 1 week up to 6 months. We offer Basketball, Football, Tennis and Boxing personal training sessions by our expert sports coaches based in Cyprus who are specialists in their sport having years of top level experience from working all around the world in their respective sports fields.

Global Sports Tours

We offer Player and Team Tours for the USA and Europe.

Global Sports Entertainment Agency

We offer for the elite player professional football trials at football clubs based in the UK, USA and Europe and for players looking to come to Cyprus to play from abroad.

Video Recording, Editing, and Athletes Portfolio

Videoing sports games and editing highlight videos for promotional package and athlete’s portfolio.

Sporting Tournaments in the USA and Europe

We offer pre-season tournaments for professional and semi-professional football clubs preparing for their coming seasons.

Development Squads

Players looking to go out to America on a soccer scholarship in two years’ time, typically aged between 15-17, have the opportunity to play at our Development Squads at Digenis Akritas Morphou F.C. that is located in Nicosia, Cyprus.